Is TPO Roofing for you?

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TPO roofing or Thermoplastic polyolefin is a white reflective single-ply roofing membrane which covers the surface of the roof. TPO roofing is a popular choice when recovering or reroofing your low-slope roof. TPO roofing is among the most emergent commercial roofing products and have gained popularity across the industry for their many performance and installation advantages.

Today, TPO roofing takes up about 45% of the commercial roofing market, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association (NCRA)

TPO Roofs have many benefits

  • They are cost-effective.
  • TPO is Class A Fire Rated
  • TPO roofs are heat welded at the seams which provide greater seam strength than other low-slope roofing systems.
  • TPO roofs are great for long term weathering because they are very resistant to heat and UV. TPO is highly reflective white surface can reduce energy costs, especially here in South Florida. As demand increases for heat-reflective and energy efficient roofing systems, you can rely on TPO single-ply roofing membranes to continue to provide resistance to ultraviolet rays. .


After cleaning or removal of the existing roof, insulation is installed. Our expert roofing contractor at Sealed Tight Roofing recommends the installation of Polyiso insulation boards for TPO roofs and other low-slope roofing systems. Polyiso insulation boards have the lowest water permeability of all types of insulation boards. It is a lightweight material, which is best for maneuverability during the recovery or reroofing process. Polyiso insulation boards can be mechanically attached or fully adhered.

TPO roof membrane is then installed over the polyiso insulation either mechanically or fully adhered.


The lifespan of a TPO roof may vary depending on the manufacturer, type, thickness, and maintenance that is done on your roof. Usually, TPO roofs can last up 30 years. Sealed Tight Roofing uses GAF TPO products on TPO roof projects. GAF is one of the largest roofing material manufacturers in the United States. GAF EverGuard Extreme offers the longest warranty in the TPO industry (Up to 35 Years).

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