Are Metal Roofs for you?

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Sealed Tight Roofing is ready to protect your home with a quality metal roof. Metal roofs are versatile in design style and colors. They are also an energy efficient roof which help in keeping energy costs low in the Florida heat!

Sealed Tight Roofing offers both residential and commercial installations of metal roofs. Our team is ready to go out and provide an estimate for your roof. Just give us a call or fill out the form online!

Metal roofs are engineered to last many years longer than any other roofing material. Metal roofs, depending on the material and climate conditions, can last well over 40- 50 plus years without showing any sign of deterioration
Metal roofs can withstand strong winds, strong rain and storms, rodents and any other animals, hail, mold, and debris. They are also known for their fire resistance. They do not spark or ignite if struck by lightning.

Metal roofs are energy efficient! They can reflect solar heat which means they are cost effective on your home or business’ cooling expenses, especially in the South Florida Heat. They also require little or no maintenance depending on the types of panel you install.

Standing Seam Metal Panel – Standing seam metal roof are metal panels that are interlocked together at the edges which then form a vertical seam. Standing seam metal roofing uses the concealed fastener method of installation, where the clips and fasteners are underneath the panel and not visible.

This metal panel type is superior than the exposed fastener method. Exposed Fastener Metal Panel – Exposed fastener metal panel roofing is more economical than standing seam metal roofing because the heads of the fastener is visible on the top of the panels.

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